Fiat 500 – can India Car manufacturers make-over

Are you Fiat Fan?
Then you can look for these Fiat – 500 cars on Indian roads very soon. Happen to stumble upon, which had these amazing make-over for the Fiat- 500, Wow the site was really cool, check the videos section.

fiat 500

Most hatchback version can adopt the style. They look like the mini or the beetle. WOW

fiat 500

Was wondering, if Fiat India brings in the make-over version of these cars. Currently there is no car manufacturer in India who offers designer cars, as far as I know.

Will there be a buyer, is a big question?

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7 thoughts on “Fiat 500 – can India Car manufacturers make-over

  1. Dear Sir,

    I have red the comments of people, Saying the car is very (ROCKING) , Dying to buy one, definitely will buy one. so on and so forth. I am sorry to say that i live in the most posh area of Delhi IE, South Delhi I have not seen any Fiat 500 , Parked on the Road or running on the road. It appears the people just boosts of themselves , I pitty on them.I shall be grateful if people stop Boosting of themselves.

    Vinod Gupta

  2. its very nice car like toys,but its price is very high………wat is the reason of its price ?

  3. Im from Bulgaria and I was in Italy.
    We go with airplane ,then we get a car from europcar and we travel with
    …Fiat 500 . But we were 4 people

    ,Katrin Gidulska

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