Orkut just got redesigned

Orkut rocks again, People at orkut, google have just redesigned the interface – GUI. The home page looks much neater more white space oh no it is blue background.


Well looks like some one got inspired from the Microsoft sharepoint , fluid layout with hanging expandable navigation left bar. The logo just got smaller, top navigation bar thinner than ever before.

I would say orkut has done a really nice job. Hat off to the team.

If you are a web designer or a usability guy, please do check this site.

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One thought on “Orkut just got redesigned

  1. Ya orkut looks good but why birthday reminders sent down and to see it you have to scroll down there, i was much reliable on orkut for birthdays and this UI never gave me chance to think of something related to birthday even and i missed lot of birthdays .

    I mentioned that on my blog: http://imuser.blogspot.com/2007_09_18_archive.html

    then orkut changed the location of birthday reminders and I m sure that is not because i mentioned but ya That was a usability bug, i can say.


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