Check list before a road trip

Are you planning to take your car for a long drive (long drive – at least a minimum of 100 KMS). He are few tips, do and don’t which could help you for safer and refreshing long drive.


Get your car serviced before a long drive, Why?
You don’t know what are the wear out parts your car currently has.
Do have a checklist prepared before you take a long drive.


  1. Brake oil fully topped up to level indicated
  2. Radiator coolant fully topped up to the level indicated
  3. Window wiper water fully topped up (they are life saver when it is raining)
  4. Have NEWS papers (minimum of last 3 days or so) – when the window wiper water gets emptied, they help you to clean the glass spotless
  5. BUY tobacco packets if you forget to take the NEWS papers.
  6. Fill up your fuel tank. Try filling it up in the evening, people say that the density of petrol/diesel is more towards the evening (might be a myth, but I fill it up in the evening)
  7. Have spare head lamps, check whether the same are working currently
  8. Caution: – Fill the prescribed air pressure in your tires. The more the air pressure (+”2 – 5″ points) the more your save on your fuel but the worst thing is that, the ride gets bumpy, you could get your shock absorbers in trouble. As you ride the air pressure in your tires increases gradually. Unless or Until you are not sure about the roads you travel, please have the prescribed air pressure for your tires.
  9. Have road maps. You can get them at HigginBothams, LandMark or other book stores


  1. Carry sufficient amount of water (I meant H20 ;)) for all the passengers, little more is always good, little less of H20. You could get yourself dehydrated.
  2. Load your car with citrus fruits, avoid oily,fried stuffs. Have soft drinks to substitute glucose. They help you to recharge.
  3. Take short breaks, driver needs to exercise and move around to avoid fatigue. Stick to your timings of short breaks
  4. Lunch/Dinner- For drivers I would say ample is enough, too much he could be in trouble.
  5. Turn on your Car A/C and keep the A/C level low in order to save fuel.
    1. A/C help your car clean
    2. When at high speeds, wind drag on your car is less when your window is raised


  1. Never booze when you drive. They don’t get along with each other. (at least the driver shouldn’t drink)
  2. Never overtake a transport corporation bus, they are always rude, they won’t give you way.
  3. Most Lorries travel at the right corner of the road with a steady speed, If you are confident to overtake, give him a buzz so as to alert him
  4. Caution: When overtaking, if your car doesn’t have enough power to complete the overtaking, please switch of your A/C. Don’t be a split personality, just avoid overtaking unless or until it is completely safe.
  5. Caution: If you are driving down the hill, Zipping from 0-100 KMPH and having your gear at neutral can invite trouble, your brakes won’t work expected. You need to be on the lower gear for your car to be in control. Mostly have your gears to 3rd or 4th depending on the steep decline you are making. Driving down the hill is a thrill, but be careful.
  6. Caution: Are you about to travel uphill, take care to top up your engine radiator coolant. And the same for your brake fluid. Don’t strain your engine by shifting to higher gears, cut them to lower ones to save the engine than the fuel.

Before you start to drive, check all the items in your checklist is checked. Check the brakes are working. Turn on your car A/C, now turn on the music to hard or soft rock or tune to your favorite FM, keep the volume low, they help you hear other sounds on the road. My serious advice would be travel during the day and not in the night. “Flashy lights and no one to help you out when you need directions) Start  early, but not too late, enquire with people who have already traveled and learn for the directions.


Happy traveling, have a safe road trip.

4 thoughts on “Check list before a road trip

  1. Corrigendum suggestion: The Fuel density is highest in the morning and not in the evening..and its not a myth!

  2. Everyone should learn how to convert their car into a Hybrid because this is so easy, it costs almost nothing and it makes much more money STAY into your pocket ! Plus, it saves our planet from that much pollution. I recommend anyone who wants to save money on gas to use an Hydrogen Gas Saver !

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