Devithinda Sondha Naadu – God’s Own country – Kerala

Fellow Keralaites here are few questions which I would like to ask you

Recently I had to travel from Chennai to Thrissur by car on my Maruthi 800.

before you start, please take a read of a post which I made long ago about the workers union Own country

What happened to these roads?

Don’t tell me that it was because of rain. From Valayar to Alleppey it was same state of roads. My friend who traveled by train to Alleppey said the same when he came back to office.

Sorry about the Photos they are badly shaken, it is because I was in the car taking snaps of the roads while driving “already late, wanted to reach home early” (between Valayar check post and Palghat town and was late in the evening 6:30PM) I could feel that I entered the Kerala state when I crossed the Coimbatore bypass. The sign board said, “toll free road ends here” and few meters away, I jump in to a pot hole. 

Are there no one to ask the questions?
Aren’t you part of the system, where are the ones who have been holding those party flags. Where are they. From Valayar check post to Palghat it took me around 3 hours, in reality it should have been one and hours or so. 

Devithinda Sondha Naadu anaa. So be careful to enter the state.

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