How to buy mobile Phones cheap?

buy Mobile phones cheap

If you are in Chennai, this info could be of little help to you. It may work for other cities too, because the mobile market competition is at the peak, that the store doesn’t want to loose a single referral customer.

So here is the trick. You need to do a ground work before you target a store to buy your mobile phone of your choice.

Ground work – check the prices of your favorite model of your mobile at some of the well known stores, If you are in chennai you can inquire at

  1. Saravana Stores
  2. Vasaavi
  3. Universal
  4. Mobile Store
  5. Nokia Priority dealers
  6. Sony Ericsson  dealer
  7. and some more small mobile stores.

Tip: Now do the bargain. All you need is to tell the salesman at the mobile store that the other mobile store is offering the mobile at the lowest rates in town. Believe me this tip works.

Kindly Note: Not all stores come down on the prices.

Some Stores which have multiple stores at different parts of the country may not be able to reduce the price as those who run the store locally, It is because of their billing system, they will not be able to change the price of the product. Stores which are owned by a single owner who runs the showroom will be able to take cuts on their profits.

Because the single showroom owner gets better or the best referrals.
Won’t you refer you friends saying that this store gives the mobile for lowest price.

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8 thoughts on “How to buy mobile Phones cheap?

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am residing at chennai. I would like to purchase a good mobile with the following features;
    1.with mega pixel camera with flash,2.clear video recording, 3.clear Audio sound and audio recording, 4.memory slot,5.wide screen with clear letters/icons,6.screening unwanted calls facility, 7.long hour sustainable battary,8.conference facility,9.F.M/music,10.calender/memo etc,. I am using Nokia and presently basic model.
    Kindly suggest mobile brands/models with most of these features and which are at the same time cheap. I am baffled to see lots of models and brands. your help will help me a lot.
    Thanking you,

  2. respected sir!!!

    i came to know that many of the mobiles are saled at very cheaper in richie street. it is trustable to buy those mobiles and i like to do the mobile business. is there any mobile sellers in wholesale for very cheap amount please reply as soon as possible. thanking you!!!

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