Ban Crezendo Condom in India

Crezendo Condom
Well sounds like I am completely insane, just by the title of the post. OK here is the story of vibrating ring Crezendo condom, which is product of HLL – Hindustan Latex Limited and this product has been there for the past 6 months.

If you want to know what made people think that vibrating ring Crezendo condom is a sex toy, here is the info which is mentioned in sify shopping site

Crezendo condoms with vibrating Ring for ultimate pleasure — The pack has a vibrating ring and three premium condoms. With Crezendo Vibrating Ring you can take your lovemaking to places it hasn’t been before. Crezendo Vibrating ring is designed to take you for a 20 minute joyride through the realms of vibrating pleasure. It provides the ultimate stimulation for you and your partner. It is safe , reliable and comes with an instruction leaflet. It is truly your passport to “The Republic of Pleasure”

There has been protest in certain parts of Madhya Pradesh and all it started by few good men, that the product sounds like a sex toy, just because the ring acted as pleasure enhancer.

HLL says they are ready to withdraw from M.P if there is a written statement from the state Government.

My first look on the Vibrating Crezendo condom cover was not that sexy nor it portrayed women too vulgar, It was just right for condom. There are enough bad things happening in the country and all they could site is a population controlling instrument called – condom. There are enough reactions happening on Vibrating Crezendo condom and the whole is world watching us (India) trying to ban a condom.

What a shame?

BTW HLL is minting money now, the ROI for Crezendo Vibrating Ring condom marketing team would not have even dreamed about the recent success, and that is all ensured by our few good members of our society. Their job is ban colas, TV channels (AXN, FTV), and help ban online sites like orkut, blogger.

Sify shopping online NOW sited selling condoms because they have learned that there are currently no stocks available in M.P and there is huge demand for the product in that state.

I guess M.P will try to ban Sify in their state, just because it is selling them online.

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12 thoughts on “Ban Crezendo Condom in India

  1. Hello guys.. It is a pleasure enhancing tool .. so what is the big deal about that.. there are peolpe who are using it…

  2. Its just a mind blowing pleasure using crezendo vibrating condoms.Everyone knows well that condoms are just great in preventing our ladies from being pregnent.Indian govt.should not ban on this product.Its safer n safest for everyones sex purpose.

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