What it takes to float a SMS based advertiser company?

We have mGinger coming the big way and after few days of waiting period, the entry of SMS2India, and now comes adMAD or I would say there are more services be made available with the help of a small gadget.

Here is what it takes to make a SMS advertising company

  1. a SIM card from any Mobile operator (you could get fancy numbers like 5555)
  2. a GSM modem
  3. a software to send SMS to multiple user list.
  4. a software integrated with user list to calculate the money to be given to each user.

That is the reason it takes only few days to float a SMS based Mobile advertiser company.

As far as I have known mGinger is the only company which has done some effort to explain the user about its advantage in different media (TV or internet ads). While companies like SMS2India and others have been using mGinger’s advertising spends and have been penetrating in to mGinger’s market share.

PS: kindly note all these companies are trying for a very small market which is not yet tried tested or proven. Atleast in India, it is because of the easy business model setup (like making HTML templates and not flash based sites) people have been floating these companies. I have no hope, that none will survive and make pure loses. I don’t want to say mGinger, SMS2India, adMAD is fake, because they believed that there is market. Let their belief come true.

ManageEngine Opmanger has a addon SMS toolkit which allows users to receive SMS  as notification when their server or router in their network gets in to trouble. SMS toolkit users a GSM modem, so that is how I knew that it take few days and little money to buy these hardware and software to float a company the only thing they need to develop is the billing system.

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