Tempo traveller look alike – Japanese Mods

Tempo Traveller

Most of us haven’t realized the ultimate use of our Tempo Traveller. As far as I have seen the ulitimate use of tempo traveller was in Tamil Movie Basha where our Super Star “Rajini” travels in a luxuries van where interiors have been modified, and one other movie was in malayalam (don’t remember the movie name) where “Mohalal” is a don and rocks the kerala cities.

Here are few mods from Japan which are look alike of “Tempo Traveller” – I am not sure about the company which is manufacturing these vans.

Courtesy: pink tentacle, I have placed my favorites right here, please check out for more van mods from pink tentacle, they are Ultra cool.

Well looks like Tempo travellers are worth buying for a family use or Porsche people in India.

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7 thoughts on “Tempo traveller look alike – Japanese Mods

  1. Great design ….. Does anyone know the manufacturer or the designer of these vehicles ??????

  2. Nice Designs, is it permitted to operate in public roads? Try to make more, but convenint designs

  3. very nice i cant words to say ,today is my memorable day of traveller my favorite vehicle.i also have 3 traveller u the best

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