Tata Motors to make Guy Negre “Air Car” (air as fuel)

Tata Motors to manufacture Guy Negre’s (inventor) Air compressed cars called “Air Car”.

What is so special about this car?
Air car uses Air as the fuel (Compressed Air) . These cars can run at 68 mph (109.435 392 kmph) and run up to 125 mile (201.168 kilometer) with a single recharge. Air cars will be available in India by 2008 and the prices are not yet confirmed. And refueling the car will cost about $2 (80-90 INR) for every 201 KM.

well I am not joking here is the fact.

BTW is this the TATA’s 1 Lakh rupee car.

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  2. Air Car

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28 thoughts on “Tata Motors to make Guy Negre “Air Car” (air as fuel)

  1. After seeing the movie “Who killed the electric car?” I truly realized that money and big business run the world. While I would LOVE to see this car on my streets I’m concerned that the powers that be will throw hurdle after hurdle to stop it from coming. Do you think that the government wants to lose all the tax money they get from gasoline? Do you think the oil companies want to see this on the road? Do you think the auto manufacturers will let this come in and compete with their gas powered products? For absolute sure there is going to be a lot of resistance to stop me from buying one of these cars. But I would be thrilled if I could!

  2. I have read a lot about this car, and in theory it is quite wonderful. But why is it, that not one single prototype has gone further than a few kms and not any faster than walking speed? Something is wrong here, and I wonder whether the engineers can solve that.

  3. “Tiredless efforts never fails” I believe in this technology. I read all the past experiances met by Mr Negrie from this site. I believe this concept will succeed in future with extended some more research. All the best .

  4. A wonderful concept. Wishing you guys all the best to roll out very fast so that depleting petroleum has a run for its worth.

  5. Neat idea. Reminds me of an electric car developed back in the ’80s, called the MI5, developed by one Ian Jamieson, who had a company called ‘0007 Corporation (triple, not double ‘O’). The obvious nod to James Bond aside, he had an excellent product, and was able to build the cars for only a few thousand dollars each. I knew about it only because a personal friend was investing in it. I remember having a conversation with Mr. Jamieson, and telling him ‘They’ll never let you get this thing on the road. They’ll kill you before they would ever let that happen.’ He replied that we only have one planet that we all share, and that they have to allow it, because we’re destroying the world, etc. I hated to be so cynical, even back then. But we’re talking 20 years ago, with a car that could go high speed (I think it was around 100 mph, or thereabout), could be recharged in about an hour, and could (in theory at least) be purchased by you and me for about 1/4 the price of your average car made in Detroit.

    Sad – very sad. I hope some day these technologies will be available to the public, without restrictions and taxes designed to counteract their value and effectiveness. al@kimchiman.com

  6. Conceptually brilliant, I hope the bod design will meet crash test requirments etc… so as not to be bogged down by the powers to be.
    The engine design is very pleasing to look at, I am sure with time the body will be cool also. All the best wishes, I will certainly buy them for my family.

  7. Conceptually brilliant, I hope the body design will meet crash test requirments etc… so as not to be bogged down by the powers to be.
    The engine design is very pleasing to look at, I am sure with time the body will be cool also. All the best wishes, I will certainly buy them for my family.

  8. This is an interesting idea that is borrowed from older technology. So it is not entirely new. But it’s ingenious. And producing compressed air can be done de-centrally.

    Whether Mr. Negre will make it or not remains to be seen. I would welcome the day when cars are less polluting, when they are used more as tools rather than extensions of ego. That is what really did in any research. The fact that petrol was too cheap, and people are addicted to driving cars. In many cases it is neither necessary nor more effective. The oil and automotive industries sold the stuff because people were insatiable. Believe me, I had so many arguments in the 90s and 00s with friends (mostly male) who would buy huge cars for no apparent reason. I was a rtough arguer: as a travel journalist, I owned a VW diesel (60 mpg) and used the trains whenever I could.

  9. I created CATvolution.com as a fan website for the Air Cars. I work on it part time and other people can spend a couple hours a week promoting the cars.

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  11. would love to see these in the united states. concern is for cold climate operation? is there a heating system? would love to purchase one or two!

  12. Now here comes one more medium speed car, But what I feel is the automotive Industry should now think and work on space advanced passenger’s car then One running or roads, ya it may be one of the alternative for gasoline or prtrol
    But stll “ sky has no a limits”.

  13. Am very big fan of car’s. i think vivek is correct we should work on such car’s so that road traffic problem is bit reducing. As TATA always works with new idea’s so I think they will make it possible.

  14. But what would be the impact of air car on atmosphere, is that a just alternative for petrol and gas? And I think it would take much time to run on roads.

  15. I have been looking forward to this car coming on the market here in America since I first heard about it on Beyond Tomorrow.
    I am hoping the “powers that be” in America are not stupid(but I know that they will be) and that the cars will be able to be purchased here soon.
    I have not heard much about the car from the national media sources, but that is to be expected with the pressure from those who want to keep the status quo.

  16. I think it will take a miracle to see this on American streets, because the money-men will not allow it to happen. What can we-the-people do to help bring about what so very many of us desparately need – a reasonably priced car with reasonably priced fuel?

  17. Good car for this time..
    I think it will see this car on Thailand streets and every country..
    ” Mr.GUY Negre.” and TATA >Thank you very much

  18. Who cares what the government does.If we all stick together we can all have one what are they going to do put 2 billion people in jail.They want to price of oil at $200 per barell,they can stick it.

  19. TATA has been blowing hot air about making the AIR car for many years. Let them put the money where the mouth is and maybe we will believe them. Right now they are still gloating about the Jaguar, the status symbol for Indians and a gas guzzler for Americans and rest of the world.

    Who said TATA has to care for people? Just by following its financial interests a company can do good for people and for themselves financially. If anyone here owned a car company, would their first directive be benefit to people or the pocket? Think selfish and you are thinking ok.

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