mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance


Do you want to get paid for the SMS which you receive on your mobile?
Here are the ad providers, who would send SMS on your mobile and you could eventually earn money for viewing and deleting the SMS.
Currently the site says

How much money can I make?
Ads you receive per day X
Friends you refer X
Friends each of your friend refers X
there is a calculate button for you to check the revenue you earn per month.

I have been wondering how many of people have been shouting at their own Mobile service providers to stop sending SMS and a new product comes out of the shelf in offering money to receive SMS on your mobile. Well surely mGinger would be productivity killer.

I am sure it is gonna be hit, and I see the potential customers would be the students crowd and you can expect your friends and spam messages asking you to signup.

Thank you mGinger for filling up our mailbox. Wishing the mGinger team a best of luck.

People who wish to Signup can click on this  signup link.

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49 thoughts on “mGinger – mobile SMS nuisance

  1. I just received two spams in my mail box asking me to subscribe to mGinger
    Most probably, I may become part of this spam in due days. What a shame on me, just because friends insist to sign me up.

  2. The mGinger earnings are tooooo less, I think the dream of earning Rs. 1000 pm as shown on the homepage is fake….

    No point in wasting time and earning Rs. 5 per month

  3. According to me this site is absolutely great and easy money making and fast growing network making and a great way to get publicity

  4. hi…………..
    i heasrd abt it. is very good……………….
    so i also wanna join……….

  5. Hai im phani i want to sms from you my mobile no is – 09989572124 i want to join with your group i m in Hyderabad in A.P please mail me immidiately i will introduce my friends also why because i have more friends & coleagues also thats y iam asking pl…..


  6. hi it is nikhilesh mehta
    i want to join this group and want to earn money
    please send me the mail………..

  7. hi friends,mai already mginger ka regis. member hu and mginger hi nahi iske alawa bhi diff. companies ka member hu jisse mujhe sms reading ki wajah se monthly pay out recieve ho raha hai.
    if you want to join in my give with all diff. companies,so then contact me-mail me on or you can sms me on my no.-09411780077

  8. Hey folks…

    I saw this website today(mginger).. its very good.. but it will not work… IMHO coz

    1) being on TV doesnt mean that ur website is good or something.. who knows in next month all news channels will be saying that.. OMFG those mginger bitches ran off with advertisers money and havent payed single user of this site 😦

    2) Idea seems good.. but this idea got a lot of publicity.. wtf news channels today are showing whatever they want.. just yesterday one of the news channel showed a story of onion ghost.. wtf that too on prime time slot????

    3)How would u show the advertisers that the sms had reached a subscriber???? if we make a billboard we can see its there.. newspaper adverts we can see… but how the fuck are we(advertisers) gonna believe u guys really sent the sms.. and take money frm US?

    4) 6 months downline ppl will believe u?? WTF cant u come prepared with all the things before launching the site???

    5) Iam not being negative here.. but this thing is not legitimate…

    6) can i get the address of the person who is selling records of ppl for 1 paisa???

    Who are u guys fooling………………:(

  9. HI dear,
    i am lakhwinder frm ludhiana. i am in network marketing. i have a master plan to earn money by easy way its like earn while u learn.

  10. Hello,

    EarnForSMS[dot]com pays you to read ads on your cellphone! Yes it true, not only these ads are only about your interests but also they are served according to your convenience.

    Roughly calculating, I can free up the mobile bill. Do check it out…


    I am sure you will simply love it


  11. i found a new website a competiton of mginger and its payout is also low just 100 rs and u recieve ur cheque. try it rite now highalertz

  12. I have been in this scam for more than 10 months and so far all I have made is 18 Rs! ONLY 18 rs in 10+ months. I have selected ALL options to recieve any type of ad, I also opted for sms throughout the day and max amount of sms have been permitted. I have three invitees too. Yet, the best that you can make is 18Rs in 10 months. That 1.8 Rs per month.

    What a killer idea!

    Piece of trash…

  13. i have joined mginger since so many mnths till now rs.4.40 is only accumulated when rs.300 will accumulate and when i will get cheque god knows

  14. Hi,
    i have found most genuine & honest site that pays you to read ads on your
    cellphone! These ads are only about your interests.Not only that, you get
    to decide when you want these ads. They inform you about the best deals and
    discounts in the city and also pay you for each incoming SMS.those love
    xtra earning visit this site


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