Don’t Make me Think! – Adobe CS3

I got to say “Jaw dropping effect from the Adobe CS3” and hat off to the Adobe team and especially to the User Experience people out there. I had been to launch of Adobe CS3 at chennai Le Royal Meridien.

cs3 launch
cs3 launch
cs3 launch

Things which I attended
Adobe Illustrator CS 3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Device Central – content for mobile and other devices
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Most of the demos which were said/illustrated are available in the web as demos on the respective home pages of the product, “feature tour”. The presenter had good knowledge about the software, and he tried to cheer the crowd as the crowd was silent.

Actually speaking the crowd did have words to give applause. Their  eyes poped out and speech less. Very serious crowd.

If you ask me whether it is worth the upgrade, I would blindly say “YES, YES, YES” Why?
If you are a photographer and not interested in the technical information on how to create panoramic views, Adobe Photoshop CS3 has the right set of tools to help the Photographer to create panoramic images, with few clicks of button.
I guess Adobe has stepped in to world of Web 2.0 as not to make the user “Think!!!” so does the heading of this post says.

Adobe has really understood the pain points of the users and has provided the right set of tools to improve productivity. Well the user can turn Dumb in the long run as there are in no ways to learn the basic or the fundamentals of Imaging tools.

To illustrate with a simple example
“How do you create drop shadow with Photoshop 3?”
People who have been using the software surely know how to create them with out using the “Blending options” on the layer.

But believe me Adobe Photoshop CS3 is for professionals as well as novice users. Novice users have to understand the basics, if they want a longer run.

I surely see a time saving, productivity tools for the Designers at the Design Studio and a great tool for pre press users. And with the current version of Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended aimed at architects, engineers and 3D professionals, who want to create intuitive designs having jaw dropping effects for their clients.

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