Why does RRB need the best of the best?

It might be late for me to make a post of RRB (Railway recruitment Board) Exams. I had already missed couple of bright Youngsters when I was doing my 10th Standard. My dad was a Government Employee working for I.C.F (Integral Coach Factory)  Chennai – 38 and he had little exposure to the outside world, showed me an option for a Ticket collector Job with Railways. Where I could the youngest guy making little money. 

Atleast for some years to come these young guys will the wealthiest among their peers.
Time will prove that their financial status and their personal habits go wrong.

I was fortunate among the few of my best friends who did not make it up at the final interview. And few bright kids who made it to the course at S.B.O.A school at Annanagar. End of the course my friends graduated to be ticket collectors at different parts of India.

I have been tracking few of my other friends who were doing ticket collecting jobs for the past 9 years
1997 – 4 close friends of mine joined as ticket collectors, they were all earning while we were all studying and they were the wealthiest among all our friends

1999 – one quit and went a head and did ICWA and other courses (his dad was smart kicked his ass ) finally now in the UK as a Project Manager

2002 – one more person did ICWA and other related courses and finally quit railways and now in Pune as software engineer

2004 – one person quit Now in Bangalore as software engineer, likely to get married, just made the first step in financial growth.

2006 – one person still will Railways, quite not settled, financial status is a big question. His elder brother now works as CTO for a UK based e-learning company.

Here are questions, for which I am looking for answers.

Why does RRB need good candidate for ticket collecting jobs?
A lazy duck like me could have been doing this ticket collecting job than the brighter ones who could have been brighter stars.

Apart from the training etc after some years most of them have left Railways and headed for a bright future.
RRB just wasted money on training on these bright kids and on top of that they just spoiled their careers. Atleast for some years.

What do you all have to say?
Rage or happiest times you experienced

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