panasonic batteries

panasonic battery
Do you use these batteries for your Cordless Phone or toy remotes etc? Does the batteries don’t get charged properly or seems completely dead.

Well it is time to visit the Panasonic authorized service center for a check up.

Recently I made a visit to the Panasonic authorized service center for a replacement of my batteries. The service center guy insisted me to bring my cordless phone with the base station. At first I felt bad, but it was for good.

This time I took my cordless phone and the service center guy checked up my batteries. He asked me whether the cordless was in charging. I said no. He took up a different instrument and connected the wires to the battery and gave a jump start kind of thing. The reason he gave was if the batteries are completely dead you can’t do any thing just replace. If your batteries were discharged you could do this stuff to get it working. He asked me to charge the batteries for 24 hours for 1st time and there after which 3 hours a day and not any more. Handset needs to be removed from the basestation.

Annanagar Panasonic service center just saved me 225INR. The are building a good customer relationship.

My Panasonic batteries still rocks.


4 thoughts on “panasonic batteries

  1. pl give me the annanagar service center address/phone for repair of cordless phone-panasonic make

  2. Sharan,
    if you are coming from Annanagar rountana to arch. It is 3 or 4 shops after cafe coffee day. The name board says Panasonic.
    sorry I should have already mentioned the address

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