Passion down to the pyramid

Working is important, but with passion is even more important, because that is one which shows the right path to reach for your goal in life (career).
successful product/service have passionate users and passionate contributors.


What happens when the passion doesn’t drive down the pyramid?

There is a solid example right on my blog.
If you have noticed, few posts of mine have attracted more views because of problems which the end user faces/faced (Castrol Bike Zone). The product Manager had the passion, but failed to communicate to the people who are actually delivering the service/product.

What is the fix?
When you develop a product, you become the rightful owner of the product (so called the brain child of yours), What about others who have worked along with you. Most of the time you as a Product Manager don’t give the feeling of product ownership to every individual who worked with you (you could have observed this on a team meeting, your team members would have been least bothered about what you say) If are passionate enough, spread the words, speak, give them freedom, make them the rightful owner of the respective part of the product.

If you have observed the pyramid image, I had separated the top portion, Which is You, who have to deliver the same passion down the line, meaning spread the work with your team mates (team work is the word, fight for the customer and not for your owner), if you felt the customer will be happy for a small price which you can bear, do it.
Have this as your work culture and I am sure nothing will go wrong. End of the day what you provide is user experience and what you learn.

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