Celebrating Children’s day with Fever

From Yesterday, my son had a running temperature and I had booked for consultation with a pediatrician this morning. This guys wakes up early this morning says “I need to go to school, it is children’s day and it is party time”

I had to cancel the consultation this morning, skipped my proper breakfast, didn’t bring lunch to office and I dropped him @ school.

The tough part which I faced apart for my Son, My car broke down
yesterday, My Bike broke down yesterday evening, lucky was able to fix
the bike, it is still raining in chennai, If I have to take my son to
doctor, I have to take an Autoricksaw if it rains.

Things which I could have done

  1. Say no to school, take him to doctor
  2. if he refuses to visit the doctor, spank him and straighten up things inspite of fever.
  3. Let him go to school (which I currently did)

 This spoilt brat of mine has a bad attitude, he keeps cribing about the same subject “that I didn’t leave him to school” and make our life (me and my wife)  miserable for the rest of the day.

My question to parents is that, What would you have done, if  you were in my shoes?

I believe parents at Jambav can also help me out on this

currently I had made another booking for him to visit the doctor this evening.

My only feeling is that, Am I spoiling this little brat of mine, by allowing him to do things on his will.

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