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I read an article from forbes about relationship and career, and both the writers have written things eighter out of their own experience or articles they read from other magazines or newsletters etc that seemed to fit them, some are actual facts but will it work for us.

No advice is a perfect advice unless it is personal. Just like the designer wear, they just seemed to the exact fit.

some of the advices are so general that we get carried away and they tend to work sometimes and we just beleive that it is correct.

If you need exciting career and a loveable spouse, you need to know how to lose

  1. Money
  2. Your personal belonging
  3. Time
  4. above all listen

What I mean above, when I say you need to lose?
You have to give and take, not always one sided.

believe me I have one set of friends and their spouse working and another set of friends working and spouse taking care of elderly parent, kids and house hold stuff.
They are happy
Just to let you know that there is post on Caged Lions Manifesto by Alex D Paul, underdogged men who feel woman are part of their lives and respect their presence and tricks to save yourself from silly reasons.  And another site called, basically femnist site, where actually men are allowed with a tag “Desperate Guys”.

Do you see the difference, women already feel they are weaker sex and they quite often form a cocoon to protect themseleves and one such site is gangofgirls.

If I commit a statement like the one above, don’t you think that is my exposure towards life. Well I do respect their presence and I am not a male chauvinist, nor against the femnist, what I all trying to convey is that “be together and don’t fall for things which you find it on the web, as all information don’t pertain to you always’

My mom use to say
It is easy to get a bad name, and tough to get a good name

It works the same in relationship too
It is easy to break, but tough to stick on together

facts are good from articles, science magazines etc, just think of the chemistry you had with your spouse when you got married, your first date. I guess the chemistry will work out again, I see the chemical reaction already happening 😉

You need balanced life, career | spouse, you need both, one gets imbalanced, I don’t have to say any more
Here is the link to the article
Title: Don’t Marry Career Woman by Micheal Noer
Title: Don’t Marry a Lazy Man

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