Why Bill feels like GOD?

I am talking about our Evil Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder), and why he feels like god. Consider these scenarios

  1. He is the only guy I know who made Money during his generation, it is not his ancestral property, his money.
  2. His wish is his command, What he want happens? Why wouldn’t he feel he is not GOD.

Most provocative words of bill are heard with his closest circle, that means he treated his colleagues as his friends. How many times have you said F*Off to you friends when you got little angry or you heard it from your Bosses or heard the story that he got pissed off. Do you know how much tension he carries to run the office, your salaries, power bills, office rent and so on.

Take for instance of your own family, when things prop up and you got little tensed to make things work, what was the first thing you did, you pondered your anger against your wife,kid or your husband.

It is the same BillGates did. He pondered his anger towards you or your colleagues, it is up to you take it professionally and dig it to the grave or take it personally and crib about the whole thing. You don’t have to make a big fuss of it.

The whole thing striked me after watching the movie “Caligula”  This guy does things what he wants and could create or destroy life out
 of every one. I should warn you that the movie rated “A” that means it contains obscene content, but it is worth watching if you wanted to know what it feel like GOD, There is one situation where he realise that he is not GOD, when he become ill, he know fear, he knows what is life.

There is one scene which I really liked, it showed the power, just sheer power
He enters a marriage ceremony, he had eyed this bride long ago, all he does is his wish against the women and let the guy do the marriage. None of his friends or his people utter a word against him.
Kind of sick thing to think about, but a excellent example of sheer power and feel like GOD can make you do all the evil things you want

I should say Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” explains how every individual experiences his life, from the bottom of the pyramid to the top.

Very few people reach the top and very few enjoy all stages of the pyramid and some exceptionally jump right to the top.

I am sure you would have heard from our super star

Rajinikanth (Sivaji Rao)
Tamil Movie Super star, that money is nothing, and off he goes to Himalayas for meditation, he should be a perfect example Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where he enjoyed all stages
You may have know of


and lot more Genius people who reached  right to “Self Actualization” at a early stage

Coming back to the Bill Gates, how many of us know the actual things went on the board, it is all the side notes we see on the web and we prejudice
I am not Microsoft Geek as X Microsoft Scobleizer now a Tech Geek
I am not creative as Gaping Void’s F as Hugh MacLeod
I am not Marketing Guru as Seth Godin
I am not Usability Usable as Kathy Sierra
I love all of the above But I hate Guy Kawasaki, it is prejudice, Some of us have the habit of prejudicing things just after the first look.
This could be one reason why Bill got a bad name on the net. As I person I see, he earns on one side and seems to spend money on the other side for the good things
BTW, I stopped prejudicing and Love his Kawasaki (Film Loop) which he talks about.

There is nothing wrong the way Bill Gates is, He has almost in to self Actualization state, you will be seeing more of his goodness. One more thing, most men who have acheived talk about self actualization state, I suggest  you enjoy the all stages so make name and money and then attain the Self Actualization State.
And One more thing, Most Boss feel that they are GOD, because it tends to happen what they like.
If you are Boss for any one, remember this

  1. Be your own boss
  2. If you are popular, you will be on the bad list too
  3. if possible don’t hurt other’s feeling
  4. if someone praises you too much don’t fall for it, well sincere ones (wishes) you know for sure
  5. if someone tears you apart, do be sure, he is indirectly a well wisher

Image Courtesy: littlelakey, venkat, Lakshmi Kanth

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