Scratch my back

Do you realise what this one is?
If so you probably have been using this.

Most of our roots are from villages and got settled down in metro cities, either due to our roots have come here in search of job or we jumped in to fast based city to earn our breads.
We live in cities where there is no time for us to take care of ourselves due to work and tension we carry all day long, we find sometimes pain in our body, mostly the knee joints, neck and shoulders
The point is we forgot what we use to do at our native places or what our grand parents use to do, it is the normal exercise.
We forgot to scratch our back, We forgot to oil our body when we take bath. We spend enough money for the body massage and those luxury Gyms.

How many of us are actually doing this exercise?
very lately my mom asked me whether I take oil bath and use scrub to scratch my body, When I use to complain about the knee and neck pain.

scrub helps you to generate the same effect of acupressure in smaller doses.
Oil helps you in overall nervous relaxation and strengthen of muscles.

The next time you get a weekend take an hour off, you don’t need much more than that to rejuvenate yourself at the best price, because you exercise you know your body better.

PS: This is what my parents have taught me, and I feel better about this, there is no guarantee that this therapy might be of help to you. Try it at your own risk.

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