Do shifting of Jobs from BIG to small companies help you build your career

My Answer is YES, It does help you a lot.
Here is a small example which should explain every thing before that have a look at the illustration

What do you gain in a Large / Big Company?

  1. Good Salaries
  2. Good Position

What do you loose?

  1. You are lost in bunch of herds
  2. You just do a mechanical job, no mind, just work
  3. passion towards work is lost

What do you gain in small company?

  1. Self respect for your work
  2. Learning curve is high ( multifaceted job roles )
  3. You problems are always in reach for it to be solved

What you loose?

  1. Nothing but money.
  2. TIME, you end up coming late to home, because you have more work to finish

So what I suggest is that if you want to build a stronger career.
You need to shift from BIG to small start-ups where people look at you as a role model and it is the right opportunity to learn new skill-sets as most start-ups will lesser people and more work
As you learn more skillset you need to encash them at the right time move to BIGGER company learn some new standards, trend in the market etc, you make money move to smaller company again, but you would have noticed the graph the curve tend to go up the negative side as companies too become big over a period of time
PS:This is my perception as I have experienced with my friends and myself, if you think, you probably know that passion is the one which drives you from home to office you could choose to be at midsized orgainisation where you get money and be passionate about your work. Once you are stabilized in your career, you could choose to be anywhere and do your passion.

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2 thoughts on “Do shifting of Jobs from BIG to small companies help you build your career

  1. I liked your post but want to say you have more options than just “working for a company” – you can start your own and *build* the company.

    I worked in an enterprise environment for about 8 years and was always trying to “climb the latter”; but each time I took a step up I wasn’t satisfied and had to work even harder to go up the next step. I tried smaller companies too, but was not satisfied either.

    I read that taking a year off is a great thing to do, so just recently I quit my day job and decided to take a year “off” to start building my own business. I’m loving it, but the pay is not as good (less than 1/10th of my fulltime position) and the hours are long. However, if things go as I want, the pay will eventually be orders or magnitude higher than my old employee positions.

  2. Building your own company needs, not just you, you need a supporting team, it is more than money which you need at the early stages.

    See you seemed to be happy while you still get 1/10 of your old salary, but sure you will rock eventually, currently your presence in the market is needed to prove that people can trust you. rest follows automatically if you are providing a better service or a product is satisfactory

    All the best on becoming your own boss

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