Web Browser Wars, Will Firefox loose this time with IE 7?

Internet Explorer or FireFox

Let me give you an insight of how much is the current share of Internet Explorer with Fire Fox, I found this link from w3counter.com

Amazingly Firefox is catching up or rather I should say Phenomenally it is catch up. But how many of us actually use Firefox and
who could be they?
Techies, rest of the world still believes in IE.

What is the advantage IE has which firefox doesn’t?

The OS integration or rather the bundling of browser with OS, let us say Vista gets released, I am sure most of the corporate world will move to Vista and the will continue to use IE and most companies don’t allow new software to be installed so quickly. As far as the home user, I am sure they are going to extend their support to IE. Who would take the pain of download the Browser and installing them, most home users are novice, they don’t want any problems with installation etc

The Next Campaign what FireFox should be doing at their website, Place an order for a free copy of firefox, delivered at your doorstep with in 7 working days.

This could actually bother microsoft.
I feel our Mighty FireFox will loose the battle this time, with IE 7

Humble Request of Developer
Me being a developer I have a problem of following up two coding styles for each browser, either one should survive this battle. or I don’t mind both surviving in this world all I would ask for is the consistency of the standards both of them needed to follow.

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One thought on “Web Browser Wars, Will Firefox loose this time with IE 7?

  1. It’s difficult to really rule out IE.
    There should be some who can bring the noughty boy IE onto the decent path of following proper standerds.

    Development for IE is really pain in …

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