Show me your links I will tell who you are?

Does the title seems to annoy you, just because I am about to discover what you surfed all night and day, what were you interest on, well I know you could be hiding yourself behind a firewall still I could predict who you are.

The saying goes like this “Show me your friends, I will tell you are?” sorry folks, the title was rhyming
What I am talking about is the social tagging which you have been doing all the days/nights/months/years.

Do you remember, there was a time when we use to tell our browsers to have the cookies off and will visit the site with javascript disabled

How come did we change all of a sudden?

There were few thieves, now there are plenty?
Search engines , banking or service based sites were the ones we allowed to sniff. Now it is everyone who could smell others (bad odour, refreshing smell). All you need is hacker and few beers and it could be all yours.

Just google for “why people disabled cookies” or “why people disable javascript” I believe you are better googlers than me, Doesn’t it shock you.
few sites which were only tracking you and now it is the whole community know what you are up too.

I am not blaming the social tagging, I do tag I do blog, just a thought
Why google is alone able to get in to all the business what they want?

Knowledge is power my friend
Just a log in is enough to track

  1. every search you make
  2. every shopping ( checkout)
  3. every penny you make (ad words)
  4. and lot more (all it needs is imagination)

What happened to your privacy?
It just turned to business, most probably they didn’t sell what you did, but they gained the knowledge on your interest.

Imagine every search and all it takes a few queries on the database to know what is the current trend, well if you have this data you could also make millions

I don’t say don’t tag, don’t make it too public 😉 so remember it could be your worst nightmare

What do men with power want?
More Power  😉
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7 thoughts on “Show me your links I will tell who you are?

  1. I must say you’re wrong. Since cookies technically can’t be transferred over domain because of security restrictions, cookies are not the worst threat. Cookies are used to store data within a single domain today.
    Same reasoning with javascript: Javascript in itself is not an integrity threat. Javascript runs in a pretty restricted box, and the worst thing javascript can do nowadays is put a bunch of alert-boxes up your face.
    What could be an integrity threat is your bookmark folder and web history. But again, how is anybody gonna see any of that? The infection rate of spyware is not high enough to analyze trends in a big perspective.

    If I’d lived in USA, I’d be more worried about the so called patriot act.

  2. hi nitro2k01
    I will demonstarate you with a small example, you go to somemail site 1st time register yourself and login.
    2nd time you come back, you haven’t even logged in but it says ” you have 2 mails unread” as a user I like the feature.
    Now they know you are here browsing their server every click is monitored

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