Camera Phone A Handy tool for a blogger

A Picture is worth more than a thousand words

The above Image was taken from my Camera mobile Phone, as I was in the middle of traffic and I saw a APSRTC ( AndraPradesh state road transport corporation) Bus which was really looking good, not just the Bus, its Driver was in complete Attire. Well that was a Air conditioned Bus, I guess our Chennai City transport drivers can’t even think of wearing this suite in the hottest Summer.
click on the image to view the big image.

Hope you bring you some good shots of the chennai city, which will be real fun.

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2 thoughts on “Camera Phone A Handy tool for a blogger

  1. Vinod, I guess SETC (it is what we call the then Thiruvalluvar transport right ?!) too have come up with a new series of Ultra Deluxe buses. I saw few of them @ Koyambedu, on my way to office and back.

    But dint mind clicking it. guess if my (photo) memory is not blurry, he was in his Poomex banyan (I mean Vest) :-).

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