Simulate Illustrator Copy Transform – in PhotoShop

If you have worked on Illustrator you already know how to create a multiple shapes from a single shape and make multiple copies by using the Short Cut Key Ctrl + D on PC.

Well the same is also possible in Photoshop, This is a neat trick, I just learned it from My friend Arun Ray Innocent.

  1. Open Photoshop, create a new document of size 640 X 480
  2. Create a box using marquee of size 75 X 75 Pixels stoke it with black and fill it with white color
  3. now duplicate the layer by pressing ctrl + j
  4. now apply transform using ctrl + t
  5. more the reference point location to bottom right
  6. now rotate the shape for few degrees.
  7. now duplicate the layer using ctrl +j
  8. now press ctrl + shift + t , volia now you have duplicate the shape with transform.
  9. repeat the above 2 steps (7 and 8) as desired to form your shape.

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