An Adventurious ride for 1066/103 Emergency Service

How often do you hear an emergency siren on the road, and how many people on the road can respond to immediately to make way for 1066?.

To tell you the fact many people on the road try their best to respond to the siren, but do they have to give the way on to right or left of the road is the question?.

try following the Emergency serivce (Ambulance) van and you will know how he manuvers like the bikes.
It is absolutely a nightmare for the weak at heart and really adventrious for person who can ride fast, and really agony for the patient and their relatives inside the van.

So what could be best answer to this query?
My answer is that Chennai Police or any Police department is to held responsible or rather accountable for this mess on the road. They are supposed to cultivate/educate the road user when they hear a siren to may way to right/of left of the road. Well actually I would love Police department to decide on whether people should make way to left or right side of the road by making through research of the current road and traffic condition.

If you would like to contribute more on this topic, feel free to add comments, Digg this link, tag this at delicious, My intention is not to popularise this link instead I want the Traffic Police officials to know about the current situations in chennai.

Well, we could save a life. If things change to better
What do you all say?

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2 thoughts on “An Adventurious ride for 1066/103 Emergency Service

  1. This is really a thought provoking question. I myself had got into this dilemma. This is really a serious concern. Ideally I think a dedicated lane (something like a car pool lane) might help. Atleast a lane that restricts entry for all the heavy vehicles like our city (ugly) buses / airbuses / autorickshwas (in my opinion these causes much havoc on the road) would help.

    thats just my 2 cents.

    Btw: a good post with strong points. keep going.


  2. Hey Amith,
    Nice to hear that you are reading my blogs. And Thanks for the comments
    BTW, I have a feeling
    Not all the time a dedicated space is needed on the road. All it takes a strictly name lane for the Ambulance service, which can be used in case of emergency.
    I use to hear from the fellas from US, they have a dedicated lane and chopper or cops assist them sometimes if the roads are busy.
    Wish the same could happen in INDIA too.
    one more thing which I would like to mention, Indian Railways has few set of choppers (on each zone, Privately operated ones which fly exclusively for Indian railways) to lift people incase of emergency.

    Just my thought. Does any one know, how these information can be passed on the traffic department (any website link or email id etc is much appreciated)

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