Why Blogs is a Hit, than Forums and Web site

I have been asking lately why I see a huge shift in the way I look at the world. When I worked in my previous company, all I knew was website, Multimedia presentation etc and had nothing to do with Blogs or forums.
There can couple of reasons why I didn't know about Blogs
One of the best I see is after the Bubble burst, more and more people started to think of communicating to others where it was just text based (typo), rather than complex design and navigation like the website design. In simple words people felt "cut the crab, say it straight"

Forums was not personal, you could flame some one on the list. Website too much time ( home page and then the next page ) , Blogs straight to the heart.

If I analyse my website with my blogs, I know which one draws more attention
So what would be next biggest thing after Blogs

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One thought on “Why Blogs is a Hit, than Forums and Web site

  1. Hi

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    Please advise me a good site on this topic.
    And what do you think about the end of the world 2012.


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