Well Said Alex

Well Said Alex, If you remember, this is how the serivce industry works (My previous company Clasticon Solutions), and Probably the good reason Why the customer chooses to speak to you the next time he call up the office, He will not be ready to talk to any one, even your boss, because you made… Continue reading Well Said Alex

Restore your Firefox extensions

Have you been reinstalling your OS recently and had to search and install your favourite Firefox extension. Not any more you can install the extension called FEBE This extension will allow you to take a backup of all installed extension on your Firefox browser and helps you to restore them when desired. Technorati Tags: Firefox… Continue reading Restore your Firefox extensions

Why Blogs is a Hit, than Forums and Web site

I have been asking lately why I see a huge shift in the way I look at the world. When I worked in my previous company, all I knew was website, Multimedia presentation etc and had nothing to do with Blogs or forums. There can couple of reasons why I didn't know about Blogs One… Continue reading Why Blogs is a Hit, than Forums and Web site

Hotwheels – really hot

I am crazy about cars (My friends know it) and the same way my son is crazy about Hot wheels (Mattel) I bought this set of cars for 284 INR which is actually a good deal as most HotWheels are priced at an average of 55 INR and above. I remember my younger days where… Continue reading Hotwheels – really hot