Google Web ToolKit – is another Ajax tool kit

There have been a number of big and small players who have been contributing to AJAX – BUZZ. to name a few popular ones

  1. Prototype
  2. Ruby on rails
  3. MOOFX
  4. Mochit
  5. scriptaculous
  6. Open Rico
  7. DOJO
  8. Bindows
  9. Zimbra
  10. Yahoo
  11. Adobe
  12. Google

and Now Google has web toolkit which is a Java software development framework.

Now the problem is for the developer

  1. Heavy frame work, Too many cook spoil the broth ( Adding all framework makes code heavier, loading time of page increases )
    Image Courtes:Flickr
  2. Incompatible couples ( combination of framework some time to creates problems )
  3. Dependency ( I will not work like javascript, I need java help me to work, not all AJAX developers need to know java )
  4. Stable version not beta ( you can depend on me )

Well we developers race to provide the best User experience to the User and forget on the certain issues.

  1. confusion on which effect looks good, when tried doesn't work as expected as the innerHTML contents are heavy
  2. Some effects are noticed by fellow developers and you boss may ask you to use them on the current one, well, do we know are they compatible
  3. Browser issues too, not all browsers support extensively

As I am looking for solution and Hoping as time goes on only few of the above will stand against the test of time.

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