RobertPenner AS Motion Tween find way in to Javascript

Been as a flash developer, I have been following up the AJAX world on what are new things which get developed in javascript. 

Currently Javascript also find a way of implementing timelines (interval based rather than timeline) Philippe Maegerman (ActionScript, ColdFusion Developer) , has currently developed a Javascript Motion tween class  here is the link to his blogs you can find the examples and the js codes for download. His inspiration/reference is from the flash AS library developed by Robert Penner on Motion Tween. 

Can't wait to lay hands on the Javascript Motion Tween.

One thing I quickly noticed on Blogpspot is the usage of working javascript examples, wonder why it doesn't work on WordPress, Or am I making any mistake during implementation of any post to activate javascript. If any one does know to implement one, Please let me know.


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