Communication – is it usability

Wikipedia – Communication

Can it be also said as "common way to express your views so that other person can understand the message what you are trying to convey."

So what is the message, is what matters for 2 kind of people.

  1. The marketing/presenter
  2. The viewer/customer

 If you take internet as the medium for communication, so what are the ways to communicate

  1. Text /typo
  2. Graphics
  3. Sound/voice
  4. Animation/CGI

above all in the navigation/usability, sounds like I trying to give you a definition for Multimedia.

 If you notice I have mentioned what makes a better communication is usability. What makes all the ways (text, graphics, sound,animation) usable. Most designers and developer make the common mistake in communicating. combination of text with graphics gives 60% readable, how about addition of usability to make it 100%

Designers: think that use of graphics, text etc makes the screen usable

Developers: feel that adding additional functionality makes things usable.

Well both are partly correct, And both of them forget to determine which comes first, which comes as action for the user and what is the end expected result. 

Let me illustrate a simple example

Option 1
Login screen

Option 2
Login screen

Option 3

part 1

Login screen

part 2

Login screen

with the mouse toggle on the arrow would bring up the login screen


Option  4
Login  Click here

Just a text link which would take the user to detailed login page. 

So what would be the idea Communication for the above login if the site was

  1. webbased email hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail
  2. photo gallery site like flickr
  3. Blog like wordpress, blogspot

This is left for the designers and developers to think?
Well I have suggested the sites go check yourself how is the navigation/presentation. Most companies spend lot of money on usability, it is up the designers or developers to see and learn from the well known sites.

These are questions which the designer or developer needs to think 

  1. What could we give a user-experience to the user instead of the normal way of login
  2. What would happen if the user clicks on the username text-field, how would the system validate the information and how would the error response would be shown makes the complete communication.

It is not the way the GUI or the functionality makes the communication, it is the navigation which gives the completes communication

So designers and developers have to give a thought before GUI/functionality  development. Now a days companies expect the designers and developers to have an additional role called the usability on their shoulders.


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