Is Sex a bad thing in life

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The above blog have the Logo with the word SEX does this mean that the blogs are not worth looking at. Sex has evolved for the mature and not for the Under 18. I remember My parents say don't see those movies when I was KID, well do these Indian theater stop the kids from watching those movies, What it all ends up to is making Money, well SEX just sells most of the things. Well a provocative SEXY ad just sells what it wants.

After all SEX is not a bad thing in life –

  1. It keeps you young
  2. Makes you feel young
  3. Makes you feel happy
  4. Makes you feel you are loved

but after all this Stopping people from getting awareness of What SEX is in INDIA, we have been on the top of the charts on the world population list. I remember when MTV, Channel [V] and few more channels were actually screened before telecast on the Indian television, and even movies where and it still remains the same.

What did our government do to help people know what sex is all about?

  1. Do we have any control on AIDS
  2. Have we ever stopped all the RED LIGHTS areas

Oh I am getting really mean….

And What does it finally lead to "MONEY" every goddamn thing ends up here.

The whole post is for My Friends who are at LASVEGAS and I am at Chennai writing this blog while these guys are at the SINCITY.

3 thoughts on “Is Sex a bad thing in life

  1. look i am a very young girl so i need to know is this the right info thank you for the tips i neede them now i know to wait for sex

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