Must need feature for – Zoho Writer

I am using Penfriend – ” Word prediction Software” to write this post I should say this is one of the best features I feel any word editior should possess”

A online form should have this word prediction software to help people fill the form. After hours of searching on the Internet I still haven’t found an online version of ” word prediction software”. Just google for the word prediction software and you will end up with a list. But the price of these software are not affordable by common man.

Here is pick which I choose ” penfriend ” I wish WordPress too Implements this feature.

RUN IE7 without install

I just downloaded the IE7 beta took a test drive with out installing IE7 on my machine, Thanks to the hacks provided by Google Operating System

Indeed a wonderful hack, The only restriction was that every time I open a new tab my old tab was getting hidden. Anyways IE seems to rock the same way as it did when they released IE6.

Microsoft guys you too Rock Just like google.