Angel Fashion Jewellers

I had been to Thrissur – Kerala, India (Gods Own Country) my native town, while I was travelling in Bus I happened to see a banner hoarding of this Jewellery, When you this image from a distance it is not that great neigther not amusing. Let me capture the exact scene on how I saw the hoarding. 

I was on left side Aisle and looking at the amazing greenery of my native place, the bus took a sharp turn and all I could see is this girl with this expression "State of Shock" it got captured in my mind. Nicely done ad, but not sure whether it was to captivate the minds of viewers when travelling on the bus. 

Angel - Click on the image to view a larger version


3 thoughts on “Angel Fashion Jewellers

  1. also look at the wrimkles on the surface,not a very nice way to advertise.
    kerala has huge demands on many fronts, what do you think?

  2. Hi ranjit,
    The wrinkles has got to do with my camera, and I don’t blame them any as the hoarding is outside anyway, they are prone to be like this.
    But for the creative work, there is a lot of potential deman.

    Business men need to think of low cost and more sales, should be idea behind their trade

  3. I read your blog. The Angel Jewellers Flex hoarding is a cheap method to advertise. The wooden frames come cheap and the Jewellers are also of the same category. They do not have the standard of Bhima or Kalyan to put up a 1000 sq. ft. board on a huge board.
    visit for my designs….

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