XPath – the easiest way to parse, query an XML

Xfactor Studio
If you are using flash MX 2004 / Flash 8 and probably using XML in your project, please do try this website
I must thank the people who have made the source code as open source. And the best part is you have 2 flavours to choose, AS1 and AS2 implementation of XPath as downloads.

If you are lost or worried about the syntax/regular expression I suggest these sites, They are really good with sounding examples.

  1. Site – http://www.zvon.org/xxl/XPathTutorial/Output/examples.html
  2. Site – http://www.w3schools.com/xpath/default.asp

BTW, the implementation doesn't stop with Flash, you can also use with your dynamic html pages too..
the latest implementation of xpath is right here And if you wanted a sample of the XML javascript implementation example you can find one here 


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