How to Trace/Draw People from Photo with Illustrator

I am crazy of tracing people from a real photo, I did try so many times, and didn't come out very well. If you have time and patience to trace.

This site has a good tutorial, All you need is illustrator 9.0 here is the link


5 thoughts on “How to Trace/Draw People from Photo with Illustrator

  1. This are all good staff:

    All adobe softwares can work together:
    – Photoshop for bitmap images
    – Illustrator for vectorial images
    – Image ready for web design

    becoming a designer it become more and more accessible for everybody. all you need is patient and creativity.

    you can create your own vectorial graphic just like the one above with illustrator then open it with photoshop where you can add more nice effect. and the coooooooool part is that you can move all your works to Flash Macromedia where you can animate your objects, add sound, interactivity, (action script), or use Adobe Premiere with your music and picture to export a nice short move that you can upload on youtube and start getting feedback right away from thousand of people. When you do so just don’t tell me somebody can stop you!. Good luck:-)

    P.S: Sometimes people just need to know where to find a fish… they will learn how to get it!

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