The ActiveX Change: What Does This Mean to ME as Developer

As you all know IE 7 is on beta and people have been browsing/using IE7 to find out the potential problems. 

  1. Flash
  2. Java Applets
  3. Adobe PDF
  4. Apple QuickTime
  5. Microsoft Windows Media Player

 or any thing to do with <object> and <embed> tags
The list above which are Active X plug-ins for the browser need to be activated by the user in order to view the content. The cause for all of this is a lawsuit against Microsoft for automatically activating the Active X content on the IE browser. In 2004 Eolas won the lawsuit against Microsoft, and in-turn Microsoft want to prove what they have been doing is right, So the future version IE 7 will have Active X plug-ins work properly only upon users intervention. How sad it is, believe me as a developer, you need to tell a huge story to all your clients/boss and others why this damn thing doesn't work. 

Meanwhile Microsoft has given a workaround here is the link

If you taken a look at the above link, you will know what kind of pathetic user experience a viewer will get and how the developer has go through these new concepts of embedding the Active X plug-in and activating them. Damn Eolas, Why do make life miserable.

If you need a better read the original Excerpt


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