Sex in videogames: It’s time to grow up


I just had a read on Aaron McKenna article, it is about "Sex in Video games: It's time to grow up", The Idea of a video game is to relax, when no one is around, or rather to kill time. But now it has become part of life for many people, I know in chennai, India where people walk up the video game store at Reliance Web World early in morning and leave late in the morning. 

I have placed the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and with the hot fix. Sounds good and even great, Yeah you can call me pervert.  But then lately I realized how much I missed my family, even my son who is just 4 years old know the places of the games where he find the good ones, Fortunately the game is built in such a way that you had to take the bi*ach to cofee shop and spend some time. Hmmm…n Thanks for the guys @ (Rock Star). I knew what I was doing and my wife did know what I was doing.

The problem with GTA was that if they mentioned that it had an adult content, I guess the grandma wouldn't have got the game to her grand child. The problem is solved right there.

What contributes to Video gaming is that, most of the gamers are losers, they aren't social, do they have friend circle. They don't have a life or they didn't try harder.

They might have lost a girlfriend once, try harder, push further, get to know people around you than the dumb box. I don't say don't play the game, play the game, when you actually want to kill the time. 

I still play games, when my Wife and Kid go to native place, and after I return from my office.  

There are lots and lots of games which talk about creating friends, dating them, but actually there are programmed to make you feel happy, remember in real life it is different, if you are winner in real life it is much better 


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