Productivity – Big or Dual screen

huge screen


My office friends use to ask why do you increase the display area, don't you think you will spoil you eyes?
Well actually no if your monitor has good refresh rate of 75 – 85 HZ it is really kewl, Currently I am on 1280 X 960/ 32bit/ 60H, Well I always need a break every hour or so.

There have been times my Boss would ask me if your machine was slow, do you want a laptop which is of higher config. I have actually been blunt, and replied "the screen is too small on our laptops" (15" max 1024X768 32bit). I couldn't even think, what kind of nightmare I would face If I ever said OK.

I believe the key to being productive is Large display screen and decent speed computer (mind it the graphics card is damn important, not those Intel ones). well here are some facts which will shed you some light on the screen.

Apple has come up with 30" display, and they serious boast of by saying

Apple 30 Inch Cinema Display Boosts Productivity up to 73%

Here are the link to some of the pdf's, if you have time go through the entire pages if not still try to look at the graphs, they will give you a clear idea.

  1. report out by Pfeiffer Consulting
  2. from apple
  3. this one from Microsoft
  4. an article from new-york times
  5. this entry is from 37 signals


huge screen
I am currently not bothered about the productivity, imagine the user experience, less strain on the designers and developers. I actually don't mean that I don't want to be productive. I want to be, at the same time you brain doesn't need to remember to many things when you can actually compare and look at the things at the same time instead of flipping ALT + TAB

I am still wondering is dual monitors better than the huge jumbo display. If somebody knows much of it, do share your thoughts

Wish I could have a better display.


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