Mutual Funds – Via Online

I know most of you are making an investment in Mutual funds, wouldn’t be great if you are able to do online.

What is the benefit?

  1. Complete privacy, You don’t have to call any third party vendor in to the picture so called middleman who will help you fill the form everytime you make a new investment
  2. None of your friends/company know how much your contribution is.
  3. You are under the one hood, you have variety of investments to choose
  4. Buy and Selling is easy no middle man involved.

So let me cut the grab and tell who is one who is offering the service it is Citibank

All you need is Citibank Suvidha Account.

There are two options available

  • You need to maintain a minimum balance of INR5000/Quaterly in your account
  • You pay INR500 for maintaining your Account with them as service charge.

After a look in to the Citibank Suvidha panel which I hold, Girish, Alex have decided to hold an account, Currently I have made an enquiry, for which they want to know is how many of adventees would like to setup an account with them.

Here is the small preview


Mutual fund

Mutual fund

Mutual fund

Mutual fund

If you have any questions do make it in the comments, I will try my level best to get things clarified.


5 thoughts on “Mutual Funds – Via Online

  1. Hello Vinod,

    I must admit that I do not head and tail of Mutual Funds. Just recently I was said that MF is great for investments at present. I just got in touch with ITI (3rd Party Service) to out-source my MF related decisions. Believe me I am never comfortable with just people saying here , no there , no not now…….!

    Would this be the right time to have a Suvidha Account and try myself learning for my experience (hope , I dont loose much) or wait find a mentor and then take this way.

    Waiting for your valuable suggestions. Investment takes care of us if we take care of them…..

  2. Well it is very good option to trade online, but is that acount also give access to trade shares and demat account.

    Or it is just for mutual fund.

  3. Hi guest
    Yes they do have Demat account and Online share trading*
    *This service is currently available for Resident Indian and NRI customers in UAE

    Hi Sengu:
    You don’t have to worry you have “CitiChoice Funds” they only give you proven funds listed there. you can trust these guys for sure.

  4. As I said you have “CitiChoice Funds” They are proven funds which they list, if you need further help you need to send the mail for assistance, which is available on the suvidha panel. By the way Sunil, There will be a person from Citibank, with whom you can run your queries. I am just a facilatator. The person will he mostly on a day of 1st week on April.

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