Developers/Companies- dumb

Are developers & small companies – dumb

Let me give you simple example of google, for what all do we use google

  1. google search
  2. gmail
  3. blogger
  4. google analytics
  5. google adsense
  6. google maps
  7. and lot more

if you login to any one of the above they know what you are up to, they know bank accounts, Where you live and what your likes and dislikes and even you business.

Once people wake up and look upon, google would have become part of their lives.

And what does developers and small companies have to do with this is the question you may ask me
Companies (google, microsoft and yahoo) will monitor the opensource and developer world. They don’t want to waste their time doing small applications. If you have noticed most products come as free, is it really free is the question. At the same time they don’t want to monopoly branded, they better acquire few of the small companies and they don’t pose a direct threat to each other (google, yahoo, microsoft).

Companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo will continue to watch the opensource world, few of which they will acquire and bigger market products they will continue to make.

The web 2.0 is a hype we live – mostly because some smart marketing guy wanted to sell his products to his client, all he wanted is the technical jargon which no one has talked about. If you have seen most of the web 2.0 applications they where all possible even with out the word web 2.0, you can ask a decently knowledgeable developer, he will accept, what I speak here is all true.

If your idea was to be sold, then fine you can give applications free and have a large number of users (beta testers), just think about yourself, how many web application/services account do you hold and most of them offer the same (a simple example yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail etc).

Wake up developers, it is time you have to make sense by offering a product at a small/affordable price, so that users still use your products and continue to give you feedbacks to improve your products as well as your revenue.

When you give some thing for free it doesn’t have value, charge a dollar for the product/service, you will know the difference.


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