Are you web developer/designer using FireFox

Consider installing these firefox extensions, These extensions are life/time savers for the developers. Few of which I liked, Here is the list

Webdeveloper – do you want to disable css, view form elements, disable viewing of images here is the extension

ColorZilla – Ever wanted to pick up Hex decimal color codes from the pages here is the extension

FireBug – Ever wanted to know what are the css/js errors on the loaded page here is the extension

IE view – Do you want hotmail to be open in IE and not in Firefox, or some website which is supported in IE only here is the extension

Measure It- ever wanted to measure the screen size or part of the page or an element of a webpage. All you had to earlier was to take snapshot of the webpage and take it to image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Well not any more. Download the extension

The best of all extension I love DownloadThemAll


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