Opening url in fullscreen

with no address bar, menu bar and standard buttons

Works on IE 5.5, Mozilla1.77, FireFox 1.0.5 rather to say checked the same on these version of browsers

Scenario: and you want the html to open in fullscreen and disable the addressbar, menubar and even the standard buttons, more or less a popup window but the main window not automatically closed.

Here is the script which can help you out
assume that your index/default file should have the javascript function in the head as

<script language=”JavaScript”><!-
scrx= screen.width-10;
scry = screen.height-25;
function openchild() {
parammeter = “toolbar=no,menubar=no,width=”+ scrx +”,height=”+ scry;‘flash.htm’,’test’,parammeter);
// flash.htm should be the desired html file where the actual content is function checkBrowser() {

Have the body tag as
<BODY onload=”checkBrowser();openchild()”>
so here is the code in the head for flash.htm where your actual conent comes

<script language=”JavaScript”><!-


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